Security Operations
Center - SOC

The purpose of outsouring SOC is to provide managed security services. Even if the company already uses various mechanisms to prevent security incidents, it is crucial to include the human factor, as tools alone do not provide sufficient levels of security. In THZ Networks, a company with international experience in security solutions, we offer a managed service based on security operations center. Our center ensures effective security monitoring of the IT environment, regular system adjustments, continuous monitoring, and swift responses to potential security incidents with trained security experts.

  • Adaptive security
  • 24x7 Monitoring
  • Honeypots
  • Analyists with certificates
  • Incident reposnse
  • Network monitoring

How we work

Analysis of your stack

We check your security stack and adapt acordingly.

SOC onboard planning

We provide you with a full onboard timeline plan into our system.

System learning and teaching

Our systems learn specificly for every company and digest the data for further processing.

Threat hunting

Checking the system for any current threats that may be present on your network.

Monitoring and incident response

Monitoring your network, users, data, endpoints, servers for any potential threats and stoping the threat before it happens.