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Services We Offer

Security Operations Center (SOCaaS)

An in-house team of IT security professionals that monitors an organization’s entire IT infrastructure, 24/7, to detect cybersecurity events in real time.

  • 24/7 Monitoring and Support

Chief Information Security Officer (CISOaaS)

A subscription-based threat detection and response service that provides businesses with in-house security operations centers.

  • Leave your cyber security to us

Third Party Risk Managment (TPRMaaS)

TPRM includes establishing the monitoring and reporting of third-party risks based on analytics and a continually updated database of services and vendors.

  • 24/7 Monitoring and Reporting

Penetration Testing (PenTest)

Is a simulation of a real-world cyber attack in order to test an organization’s cybersecurity capabilities and expose vulnerabilities.

  • Full network audit
  • Extensive report

IoT Security

A cybersecurity strategy to protect IoT devices and the vulnerable networks they connect to from cyber attacks. IoT devices have no built-in security. IoT security is needed to help prevent data breaches because IoT devices transfer data over the internet unencrypted and operate undetected by standard cybersecurity systems.

vulnerability management

Vulnerability management is about finding and fixing weaknesses in systems and networks to prevent cyberattacks. It involves identifying vulnerabilities, prioritizing them based on risk, and applying patches or fixes. It's an ongoing process that requires collaboration and proactive monitoring to ensure the security of an organization's infrastructure.